Many states (including Utah) require proper disposal of lamps, ballasts, batteries, and electronic waste. Make sure you are compliant with the state law by contacting the EPA or the State Department of Environmental Quality.

Recyle Pricing

4FT and Shorter Lamps $1.50/Lamp
4FT LED Lamps $1.50/Lamp
U Bend Lamps $2.00/Lamp
Longer than 4FT Lamps $3.00/Lamp
Hid Lamps $4.00/Lamp
CFL Lamps $2.00/Lamp
PCB Ballasts $3.50/Pound
Regular Ballasts $1.00/EA
NiCaD Batteries $5.00/Pound
Lead Acid Batteries $1.00/EA

 *Certificate of recycling available upon request at no extra charge. 



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